When it comes to making the garden a part of your home, verandas are perfect in terms of style, design, and versatility. With unique designs, we are sure to have a product on offer that will be in-keeping with the appearance and function that you are looking to achieve.  Made to bespoke requirements, your veranda will allow you to forget the weather forecast and enjoy the outdoors for more weeks of the year. Verandas also add value to properties as well as style and character.

Our verandas will offer panoramic views of the surroundings and protect all that is underneath from the elements, opening your home up to the outdoor living indoor experience. Verandas allows users to enjoy the outside all year round and will quickly become the heart of any home.  Verandas are such an exciting addition to your property as there are so many combinations to ensure you maximise the versatility of this new zone of your home. For example, you can add to the perfect space, sliding glass doors to the front and sides to provide increased shelter from wind and cold.

Rest assured that our products will enable you to enjoy your improved home for many years to come.

Made from 8mm clear toughened glass available with optional locks and draught excluder profiles. Also available are fixed infill panels, which is a fixed panel to the sides and-/or front with glass, polycarbonate, or solid aluminium (or a combination) and will give permanent protection from the elements, or enhanced privacy. Blinds and Windscreens in an external grade screen fabric provide protection from heat and glare during the summer months. 
Manually operated or motorised zip screen blinds can be installed to the sides to reduce exposure to cool breezes or provide privacy. There are so many ways to create your personal oasis.
In addition to creating your new home zone, in a first for The Window Exchange, these special products can be free standing, not needing to be connected to your house at all, which means they can be positioned anywhere within the garden design – for example to cover a hot tub, or to create perfect quiet corner.

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