French Doors

French Doors

Upvc French Doors & Patio Doors from The Window Exchange can allow a wider opening than standard doors providing maximum light and ventilation and a practical entry point to your garden or patio, and make a superb addition to your home or conservatory.

Our Upvc French Doors & Inline Patio Doors are available in a wide variety colours and with many designs such as, full glass, Georgian Bar, Square Lead or Diamond Lead.

French doors can either open out or inwards. From a security point of view, they have a ten point locking system comprising of a mixture of tempered steel hooks, roller cams and shootbolts.

The Upvc French Door slave door has handle-driven shoot bolts making it easy to operate without the need for messy finger bolts. The double handle feature also gives a well balanced and symmetrical look.

Our stunning Upvc doors are glazed with toughened safety glass, which ensures that the glass will not shatter should an accident occur. This feature is coupled with the practicality of modern Upvc materials which will not rot, warp or require painting – a secure and maintenance free solution.

We have examples of French & Patio doors in our Showcentre for you to compare.