Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding Doors

Whether you wish to replace your existing patio doors or are planning a brand new project – Bi-folding doors will all style, versatility and real wow factor! These doors make socialising and entertaining more pleasurable and will be a much admired feature of your home.

The doorway between home and conservatory or home and garden has previously been a design challenge, but with these folding doors allowing a complete opening aperture, you can enjoy an unobstructed walkway giving the complete open plan feeling.

Since being used on many TV home design programmes, Bi-folding doors have been increasingly popular. Even if you don’t have fully available opening, it can be simple enough to adjust any wall space to accommodate a folding sliding door.

Why not give yourself that extra space that you need with a Bi-folding door? There really is no need to separate your outside and inside space anymore.

We have a full size, fully operational example with uni-blinds on display in our Showcentre that you are very welcome to come and admire.