10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee – It’s our Standard

Something that never fails to surprise us is that many companies within the industry only guarantee the installation for the homeowner at the time of Installation. This can mean if the house is sold the Guarantee becomes void and rather worthless to any new homeowners, we think that this is wrong.

At The Window Exchange our policy is that no matter how many times the house is sold within the ten year period – the guarantee still stands. Our guarantee is also all encompassing – we don’t cover the frames for ten years, glass for five years & handles for one year like many of our competitors – we cover everything for ten years – much simpler!

Furthermore, if any piece of mind was still required, our guarantee is itself insurance protected with its very own ‘Homepro Insurance’.

At The Window Exchange we like to do things properly – the way they should be – with nothing hiding in any small print – We are extremely proud of our Customer Service Excellence – We hope you like it too.