The Uni-Blinds systems are permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity, a totally dust-free environment, therefore the blinds require no cleaning, are protected from damage and always look and work like new.

* clean for life * maintenance free * no UV degradation *

Uni-Blinds provide greatly enhanced sunshading features compared with a separately fitted blind, never flap around in a draught and enhance the u-value of a sealed unit. Integrated blinds carry a longer guarantee than regular, externally fitted blinds.

Uni-Blinds venetian and pleated blinds are specifically designed for use in double glazed units, manufactured in accordance with high technical specifications and stringent production standards. The slat raising, lowering and tilting functions are achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, guaranteeing the glazed units hermetic seal. Raising and lowering of integrated blinds is achieved with a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnet. The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner on the glass directly below the external magnet.

The external magnet can be fixed to the glass by double-sided high performance adhesive and gives perfect alignment with the internal magnet. Alternatively, the magnetic unit can remain unattached except when required, leaving an attractive, cord-free view.

Style and Colour Options:

Uni-Blinds are available in two different styles and various colourways. A choice, based upon end use and personal preference, can be made between the continuous pleated option, with a choice of two colourways, or the venetian slatted blind in a choice of three colours as standard. All the blinds are fully colour co-ordinated within the cavity and have white external controls.

Non-fogging components:

The components used in the production of Uni-Blinds kits for assembly inside the double glazed unit have been specially designed to avoid the release of substances that can jeopardise transparency of the glass (fogging effect) in compliance with BSEN 1279 regulation. External Institute Certification approval and Pellini's own laboratory testing of this feature controls the incoming quality of materials to ensure compliance with agreed standards. Quality control personnel follow the procedures in accordance with the internal control scheme (ISO 9000). Laboratory tests are performed to verify that the materials are compatible with their use in the double glazed unit.