Bow & Bay Windows

Bow & Bay Windows

Bays and Bow windows not only add distinction and character to a house – they add space too. They make a big difference to the feel of a room, the room will feel much larger.

The ‘arc’ of the Bow window offers a larger internal window ledge area and the Bay actually extends the footprint of the room it fronts. The additional space and light, combined with the high visual impact make both styles of window an extremely popular choice.

They are constructed using normal fully reinforced window frames in either the decorative or chamfered system. The frames are connected using structural bay pole assembly kits or reinforced corner posts for square bay / bow windows.

The external sill, which the frames sit on, is welded together to create one sill under all the frames.

Flat –to –Bow Windows:

It is possible to create a bay or bow window from an existing flat window. To create a bay window (with brickwork below) building regulations are required and it becomes quite an expensive process. Alternatively a bow window can be created more cost effectively without the need for building regulations. A flat to bow window has the same frame construction as a normal bay or bow window but with a new timber / scalloped lead roof.

Architectural Bow Canopies (GRP Roofs):

An alternative to a timber / lead roof is to use a GRP bow canopy with an intergraded ceiling. This has an attractive external dental moulding and a high gloss finish. These are manufactured in a set range of sizes, which may have some design constraints depending on the size of your existing window. They are available in white, brown and light brown.